We recommend that for trouble free operation and longevity of your camper that you:

  • Open your camper trailer after all rain events and at least once monthly to inspect for water ingress and condensation. Most seals are adjustable and require regular maintenance (Purchaser’s responsibility)
  • All camper trailers with Air Conditioner Vent dust covers fitted under the camper trailer must have the covers open when the air conditioner is operated and closed when travelling to prevent damage to the air conditioner unit. Failure to do so will void your warranty on these items.
  • Clean the Camper Trailer with mild soapy solution and warm water, and rinse with fresh clean water.
  • Do not use solvents or harsh chemicals as paint damage may occur from their use.
  • Lubricate hardware with silicone spray (or similar). Do not use grease or similar product as this attracts dust and dirt, etc.
  • Clean the outside of the trailer and apply a good quality automotive polish. In addition to making it look great, the polish will help protect the paint and prevent it fading.
  • Beware the use of pressure washers, we do not recommend the use of pressure cleaners. These are often powerful and can direct spray under trim and damage bodyworks, stickers and seals etc, if you chose to use a pressure cleaner, we recommend no greater than 1500 psi pressure cleaner and use a fan like nozzle to spread the pressure.  If you use a pressure washer on your camper trailer make sure you open the camper trailer up as soon as you have finished to ensure no water has penetrated under the seals.  Failure to do this will cause mould and mildew inside the camper trailer.  Please NOTE there will be no warranty caused by damage from use of pressure cleaners.
  • Because your Camper Trailer often stands in one place for long periods this can cause tyres walls and inside the treads to crack. Keeping the wheels regularly turned, placing on tyre-saving devices or lifting off the ground helps to cut down the cracking process.
  • Check the supplied fire extinguisher and have it either tested or replaced regularly (at least annually).
  • When camping near the beach or ocean remember to wash your Camper Trailer and wheel rims regularly with a mild detergent to prevent corrosion and rust. Then spray all exposed areas with a rust preventative spray such as Mako Oil, Lanotech etc.
  • When travelling in dusty conditions ensure you travel at a speed to minimise dust intrusion.
  • Travel at a speed to suit conditions. Limit speed to maximum 70km over corrugations and lower tyre pressures on both your tow vehicle and camper trailer and stop frequently to allow shock absorbers to cool.
  • Inspect all seals regularly, lubricate with silicon spray and ensure there is no damage evident and that the seals are correctly adjusted. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that seal adjustment is correct. Consult your dealer if needed.
  • Limit Jockey wheel travel over uneven ground as excessive side loading will cause damage
  • Charge the batteries at least monthly when in storage and do not leave charger on for extended periods
  • Check wheel nut and suspension bolts and components daily when travelling on corrugated roads and frequently at other times.
  • Lubricate and adjust the steps as required particularly when travelling in dusty and dry environments.
  • Do not inflate the air annex (if fitted) over 7Psi


Subject to the terms and conditions as listed in the Warranty and Service Handbook, SUV Campers warrants that for a period of one year (12 months) from the date of invoice/ first purchase (“Warranty Term”), any items of the Camper Trailer that are of SUV Campers manufacture will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  You are entitled to have Camper Trailer parts repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion if subject to a manufacturing fault or defect.


Warranty Process and Terms

  1. If work under the SUV Campers Warranty is required, the Purchaser must correctly fill out the warranty claim form on the website of the manufacturing Dealership where the camper trailer was made and submit for approval by the SUV Campers Warranty Department, if no internet access is available or if you are unsure contact your Authorised SUV Campers Selling Agent or SUV Campers Dealership as listed on the back page of this Warranty and Service Handbook, they will assist in processing your claim. Please see below the SUV Campers Dealership information on where to lodge Warranty Claims:
    • Guardian Campers and RV Centre (Caboolture or Rockhampton Dealerships) https://www.gcrv.com.au/warranty-claim-form/
    • Sahara Trailers Campers and RV Centre (Townsville) https://www.saharatrailers.com.au/warranty-claim-form/
  2. SUV Campers will not reimburse costs of repairs performed by other companies without prior written consent from SUV Campers.
  3. Any Warranty claim must be accompanied by:
    • proof of purchase copy of original invoice for the Camper Trailer
    • full details including photographs and Description of the alleged defect
    • Original Purchasers contact information including full name, email address and phone number
    • Registration number for the Camper Trailer
    • Proof of Preventative Maintenance Servicing (including copy of Receipt) by the SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent

Failure to provide the above information may cause delays in the processing of your Warranty Claim.

  1. If an inspection of the Camper Trailer is required the Purchaser must make the Camper Trailer available to the main SUV Campers manufacturing Dealership where the SUV Camper Trailer was made, being Guardian Campers and RV Centre Rockhampton, Guardian Campers and RV Centre Caboolture, Sahara Trailers Campers and RV Centre Townsville or an Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent as per the direction of SUV Campers Warranty Department. Should this inspection not find that the alleged defect attributable to SUV Campers the Purchaser must pay the SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent as per current labour costs to undertake this inspection.
  2. If an inspection by a non-authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent is necessary a recognised Camper Trailer, Caravan or RV repairer must be used and must be approved by SUV Campers prior to the inspection being undertaken. The reimbursable cost for this initial inspection born by SUV Campers is capped at $80.00 and any cost over this amount is the responsibility of the Purchaser. If such inspection and testing find no defect attributable to SUV Campers in the Camper Trailer, the Purchaser must pay the non-authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent as per their current labour and testing costs for this inspection.
  3. If an inspection and testing reveal defects in the Camper Trailer, and the warranty claim is approved, SUV Campers Warranty Department will contact the Purchaser to arrange a suitable time for the Purchaser to make the Camper Trailer available at their closest SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent.
  4. Warranty Claims will be processed, and the Purchaser notified within fourteen (14) days of SUV Campers receiving the Warranty Claim Form.

Only approved warranty claim repairs will be completed during this booking.  Should the Purchaser find further issues prior to delivering the Camper Trailer to have the warranty repairs completed then they must submit a new Warranty Claim for these issues.  If these issues are not approved by the SUV Campers Warranty Department prior to the original warranty repair booking or there is insufficient time at the original booking time if further warranty claims are approved SUV Campers may require the Camper Trailer to be made available at a later date to have the new warranty claim repairs completed.

  1. In the event that the Purchaser may have to lodge a claim under this Warranty, it is possible that the repairs or the handling of such warranty claim may be delayed if the details on the Warranty Registration Certificate are not completed and forwarded to place of purchase with seven (7) days of purchase.
  2. SUV Campers one year (12 month) Warranty only applies to items sold as “NEW” and do not extend to any items sold as “ex-demonstrator” or “as is where is” unless specifically stated otherwise by SUV Campers in writing.
  3. If a Warranty Claim is to be made the Camper Trailer is not to be delivered to SUV Campers Dealerships or authorised SUV Campers Repair Agents until they are directed so by the SUV Campers Warranty Department. Camper Trailers are not to be delivered to SUV Campers Dealerships or authorised SUV Campers Repair Agents during periods where the SUV Campers Dealerships and SUV Campers Repair Agents are closed.  Deliveries are to be made during business hours.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty, the Authorised SUV Campers Selling Agent may, at its absolute discretion, advise the SUV Campers Warranty Claims Department to consider a request from the Purchaser to repair or replace any damaged parts which are covered under the SUV Campers Warranty. Any warranty claim must be made by the original Purchaser during the Warranty Term.  It is the responsibility and obligation of the Purchaser to contact the SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Selling Agent they purchased the Camper Trailer from as soon as possible after a fault becomes apparent.
  2. Benefits conferred by the SUV Campers Warranty on the Purchaser are in addition to any other rights and remedies available under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
  3. This Warranty covers the original Camper Trailer only. This only includes the following items:
    • General plumbing;
    • General electrical wiring and fitting;
    • Exterior panels;
    • The chassis.
  1. The Purchaser must bear the cost of transport of the Camper Trailer to and from the main manufacturing Dealership where the SUV Camper was made, being Guardian Campers and RV Centre Rockhampton, Guardian Campers and RV Centre Caboolture, Sahara Trailers Campers and RV Centre Townsville or an Authorised SUV CAMPERS Repair Agent, and all insurance costs of the Camper Trailer. This includes any fees for maintenance service, consumables, removal and refitting of appliances, towing fees or travelling time which may be required by a repairer to perform warranty repairs.  SUV Campers or the Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent will not be liable for the disrupted travel plans, accommodation or other associated costs whilst repairs are carried out to the Camper Trailer in the event of an approved Warranty Claim.  It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to deliver the Camper Trailer to an authorised repairer on the event of an approved warranty claim. In the case of rectification of claims deemed to be major the Camper Trailer must be returned to the Manufacturing Dealership the camper trailer was made at to have repairs completed; this is at the purchaser’s expense this being Guardian Campers and RV Centre Rockhampton, Guardian Campers and RV Centre Caboolture or Sahara Trailers Campers and RV Centre Townsville.
  2. The repair or replacement of the Camper Trailer or defective part is the absolute limit of SUV Campers liability under the SUV Campers Warranty.
  3. Replacement parts are not required to be identical to the original, these replacements may be similar, and will be determined by the manufacture/repairer/availability.
  4. The SUV Campers Warranty is only provided to the original Purchaser of the Trailer and is not transferable.
  5. This Warranty is void if the Camper Trailer has been leased, hired or loaned or is used on commercial applications or the Warranty Terms and Conditions have not been adhered to.
  6. This Warranty does not cover the following items:
    • The wheels falling off once the camper trailer leaves the SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Agent it is the Purchasers responsibility to check all wheel nuts, bearings and wheel components prior to traveling with the Camper Trailer
    • Brakes or tyres, wheel bearings and general wear and tear items
    • Accessories or parts not of SUV Campers origin supplied with the camper, these are warranted by the manufacturer of the accessories or parts.
    • Tents and accessories including canvas are supplied in new condition at time of purchase, to this end, no warranties are extended to tents and accessories, pegs, poles etc. due to the nature and use and handling tents and the terrain where they are used.
    • Zips and Screens are not covered
    • Paint and Road inflicted damage such as stone chipping and rust and corrosion.
    • Defects resulting from overloading, misuse, negligence, accident or any other cause beyond the control of SUV Campers;
    • Any rectification, modification or other work required due to alterations in Local, State or Federal legislation, or due to any other reason, which occurs after manufacture of the Camper Trailer.
    • Any consequential damages or repair work necessitated due to the continued usage or towing after a defect has, or should have become apparent to the Purchaser.
    • Defects resulting from the Purchaser’s failure to properly use, operate or maintain the Camper Trailer in accordance with SUV Campers instructions, recommendations or specifications including environment, temperature, water, fire, humidity, pressure, stress, acts of God or similar.
    • Defects resulting from a failure to service the Camper Trailer in accordance with the Preventative Maintenance Service Requirements contained in this Warranty and Service Handbook.
    • Defects resulting from circumstances that would have been avoided if the Pre-travel Checklist contained in this booklet had been followed.
    • Defects resulting from using unauthorised parts or accessories on or in relation to the Camper Trailer.
    • Defects resulting from using the Camper Trailer other than for the purpose for which it was designed.
    • Defects resulting from the Purchaser’s failure to follow the Camper Trailer Care procedures set out in this Warranty and Service Handbook.
    • Water and other damage caused by water crossing, creek crossing, flood waters and other similar conditions.
    • Damage or defects caused by excessive speed, impact or use of the Camper Trailer in unsuitable 4WD or off-road conditions.
    • Shrinking, fading, punctures or tears to fabric items such as soft furnishings, mattresses and upholstery.
    • Damage to surfaces and seals caused by after-treatments such as coatings, protectants and sealants.
    • Manufacturer will not warrant damage or soiling caused by dust intrusion into the Camper Trailer.
    • Normal wear and tear, deterioration due to exposure or damage due to natural causes.
    • Any towing with an incorrect weight distribution or incorrect towing equipment causing an Accident
    • Mould or mildew arising from water ingress into the Camper Trailer due to
      • Miss-use
      • Faulty seals (Purchaser is responsible for maintaining the seals)
      • Not closing lids, doors or compartments correctly
      • Camper being left in a damp or wet state.
      • Tent being left under the seal causing it to act as a wick to draw in water.
    • Air conditioner damaged due to water ingress into the camper trailer.
    • Hand brake failure due to travelling with the handbrake on
    • Burnt out breaks due to incorrect towing procedure and not using electric breaks correctly
    • Over inflation of the air-annex above 7Psi
    • Rust and/or corrosion


  1. You may return a product within 24 Hours of receiving your purchase, provided that you have obtained written approval from SUV Campers Dealership and the products returned must be in the original unopened, unused and undamaged condition. Any product which has been used, damaged or modified in any way will not be accepted for return.
  2. Any opened packaging will not be accepted for return. E.g. Hot water Systems, Fridges, Portable Toilets, Solar Panels, Bearing Kits.
  3. Under no circumstances will monies be refunded prior to goods being returned to the SUV Campers Dealership and checked it as being in the original unopened and undamaged condition.
  4. All returns are subject to a 20% of Purchase price restocking and Administration fee which the Purchaser authorises SUV Campers to be deducted off the balance of the purchase price to be refunded to the Purchaser.
  5. SUV Campers will only refund by direct deposit to the Purchaser once they have received the Purchasers Banking Details. SUV Campers will only deposit funds into an account in the name of the Purchaser.
  6. Refunds take approximately 5-10 days to process by direct deposit.
  7. Purchases must be returned to the place of Purchase with a proof of purchase within the specified period.
  8. SUV Camper will not refund any other costs to the Purchaser for returning the product to SUV Campers.


Service Requirements

  • In order to maintain the SUV Campers Warranty, the Purchaser must adhere to the Preventative Maintenance Service Schedule in this Warranty and Service Handbook. Service coupons in the rear of this Warranty and Service Handbook are to be completed at each scheduled service.  Failure to adhere to these requirements will void the SUV Campers Warranty.
  • When returning a Camper Trailer for service and repairs all personal property and goods must be removed from the Camper Trailer, no responsibility is accepted for personal property and goods left in the Camper Trailer. If removal of personal property and goods is necessitated the cost to remove will be charged to the customer at current labour rates.
  • All compartments and doors must be unlocked, and all padlocks must be removed when the Camper Trailer is delivered to the SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent for servicing or repairs.

Important Items of Note

  • Tare weights are estimated only and done with no fluid in tanks.
  • If a Camper Trailer is returned after purchase a 20% of sold price re-stocking fee will apply
  • Smart chargers are not to be left on for extended periods. Once a month open your Camper Trailer to inspect and air it out and run a charge through your batteries, consult your SUV Campers dealer on this if needed.
  • Warranty on non-SUV Camper items are covered by the item’s manufacturer as per their warranty.

In the Event of Failure please contact the applicable manufacturer

    • Evakool contact 07 5492 7777 for Evakool Fridges
    • SmartTek contact 1300119906 for Smartek HWS
    • Alko contact 03 9767 3700. for Alko Hitches
  • SUV Campers Warranty will not cover damage due to collision, weather, road conditions and many other issues out of SUV Camper’s direct responsibility and therefore it is highly recommended that a suitable Insurance policy is undertaken to protect the purchaser from such loss if incurred. Please consult your SUV Campers dealer or your insurance agent with regards to this matter. In the event the Purchaser requires repairs to their camper trailer through their insurance agent SUV Campers request that the Purchaser provides SUV Campers Dealership or Authorised SUV Campers Repair Agent completing the repairs with the following details:
    • Insurance Agent Name and Contact information
    • Claim Number
  • Ensure Camper Trailer and tow vehicle are loaded correctly, and correct hitch and towbar heights allow level and safe travel. Excessive tow ball weight will void warranty and insurance claims.

If you are unsure on the correct tow vehicle and Camper Trailer levels please refer to the images below or discuss with SUV Campers or Authorised SUV Campers Agent.

  • When travelling downhill you may want to engage a gear 2 gears lower than what you would use to go up the same hill and allow the engine to do the braking. Do Not ride brakes and ensure electric brake controller adjustment is correct and not to high otherwise brakes could overheat and cause brake failure and will void your warranty.


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