We recommend that for trouble free operation and longevity of your camper that you:

  • Open your camper after rain to inspect for water ingress or intrusion due to a seal that has not been seated or closed correctly.
  • Clean the Trailer with mild soapy solution and warm water, and rinse with fresh clean water and make sure all canvas is dry before storage. Never pack up a wet tent and leave for a period greater than 1 day before drying out, this will help prevent mould and mildew.
  • Lubricate hardware with silicone spray (or similar) do not use grease or similar product as this attracts dust and dirt and accelerate wear.
  • Clean the outside of the trailer and apply a good quality automotive polish. In addition to making it look great, the polish will help protect the paint and prevent it fading.
  • Be beware of the use of pressure washers, these are often powerful and can direct spray under trim and damage bodyworks, stickers and seals.
  • Because your trailer often stands in one place for long periods this can cause your tyres walls and inside the treads to crack. Keeping the wheels regularly turned, placing on tyre-saving devices or lifting off the ground helps to cut down the cracking process.
  • Check your fire extinguisher charge regularly (at least annually).
  • When camping near the beach or ocean remember to wash your Trailer and wheel rims regularly with a mild detergent to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • When travelling in dusty conditions ensure you travel at a speed to minimise dust intrusion.
  • Ensure Aircon Vents are properly taped up and sealed before travel on Dusty roads or water crossing (must be untapped before using appliance) Also taping of all exterior keylocks and switches and water fillers is highly recommended. A cloth backed tape is recommended.
  • Inspect all seals regularly and ensure there is no damage and that the adjustment is set correctly as the seals will need adjusting as required. This is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the seals are correctly adjusted for maximum seal performance.
  • Travel at a speed to suit conditions. Limit speed over corrugations, lower tyre pressures and take frequent stops to allow shockers to cool.
  • Ensure that your trailer is regularly serviced by a trained and competent person as per our Maintenance Schedule.
  • Over the summer wet season open and air your camper monthly to prevent moisture build up due to the humidity.
  • Once a month run a charge cycle through your batteries as this will prolong battery life



SUV Trailers have a 1 year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty as outlined in our warranty booklet. This warranty does not cover commercial usage and is non transferable.


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