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We have invested over 30 years of Australian manufacturing experience into the SUV Camper range!

SUV Campers have been designed by qualified and experienced trades people who are experts in the field, who design specifically for Australian off road conditions.

A superior camper in innovation and performance that competitors struggle to copy and keep up with.  SUV Campers are the Off Road Specialist!

The original designer of Forward Fold Campers was Glen John Hudson, who patented this innovative shape in 1993. The credit for the Forward Fold Campers goes to him!  A lot of respect should go to Glen for all the forward folds you see today.  Many falsely claim to be the original designers of the forward fold but Glen Hudson can still show you the original patent he filed today, there can be no doubt that Glen was the original designer.




SUV Campers expert and experienced designers have provided the revolutionary products available now!

You can see how far the SUV team have taken the forward-fold campers!

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Ball weight adjusters
  • Superior suspension with bolt on stubs
  • New pantries with fold out stainless steel tables
  • SUV Care – servicing program for post purchase

There is no doubt that the SUV Forward Fold Camper is one of the most advanced and superior forward folds on the market, backed up with the SUV Care package.

We don’t just sell you a camper, we sell you a great camping experience backed up with the provision of camper servicing program so your camper can be kept in optimum condition for your next off road adventure.