• Roof closed and locked. Make sure there is no canvas tent sticking out underneath the seals.
  • All lockers and drawers securely closed and dead bolts engaged.
  • Secure all appliances.
  • Refrigerator packed securely – door locked.
  • Fire extinguisher fitted and locked.
  • Gas bottles turned off – Gas cooker locked, and stove top lid secured.
  • All large and heavy items in drawers and compartments are secured properly to prevent movement in transport
  • Strip lighting cables have not been damaged during closure of the Camper Trailer
  • Stereo power has been switched off and power isolated at Batteries
  • Air conditioner has been turned off


  • Tyres – check pressure and adjust.
  • Brakes checked and adjusted.
  • Check whether wheel nuts are present and tightened to manufacturers specifications
  • Water tank filled. Note- rear water tank can be filled to help set correct ball weight, it is customers responsibility to check and set ball weight correct before each trip.
  • Lights operating correctly.
  • Wheel bearings checked.
  • Jockey wheel has been raised and secured.
  • Trailer coupling securely locked in position.
  • Doors locked – steps raised and locked in place.
  • Jacks and support legs raised.
  • Release handbrake – remove wheel chocks if used.
  • Safety chains secured.
  • Adjust towing mirrors.
  • Electric extension between car and trailer attached and checked.
  • Air Con Vent Covers are closed
  • 240v electrical lead disconnected.
  • Positive Pressure system has been turned on (if fitted)


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