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FROM $108 Per Week 4-BERTH

Our all NEW SUV Grand Mega Plus camper is our latest top quality forward fold camper on the market today!

Fridge slide with pantry suit Grand Mega Slideout
DSCN0307 (9)
Camper-product-image-GT-mega-open-JUN2019 IMG_2934 IMG_2939 Fridge slide with pantry suit Grand Mega Slideout grand-gallery-10 grand-gallery-9 IMG_2642 Grand_Slide grand-gallery-5 grand-gallery-8 grand-gallery-13 DSCN0307 (9)



  • Opens in less than 60 seconds (most models) with only 1 person
  • Air-conditioning (reverse cycle – hot & cold)
  • Mega camper model 100mm wider and longer
  • Ensuite Zips onto Rear of Camper


  • Engineer certified Drawbar in accordance with Australian Standards and COP (as confirmed)
  • Extra heavy duty Series 4 suspension with replaceable bushes
  • Bolt on wheel stubs so suspension can be repaired
  • Suspension arm fully galvanised (not painted)
  • Two automotive lid seals for extra dust protection on main camper roof
  • Tow gas struts on each roof hinge for easy opening (stops the roof crashing down)
  • Camper opens and closes without the need to manually extent all internal poles
  • Heavy duty aluminium poles (steel poles may rust)
  • Tropical roof has heavy duty canvas (not light materials such as a silk sheet)
  • All doors flush mounted (improved weatherproofing)
  • Australian design door that swings open and walk up steps (not walk up the door steps)
  • Adjustable winch post at front of camper which can be moved when opening car tailgate or back door of vehicle


  • All roof and storage boxes made from aluminium
  • Aluminium storage box at front
  • Aluminium gas bottle storage box (optional)
  • Second water tank at rear of camper and decreases the ball weight when full (not at front) (most models)
  • Total water capacity 200 litres (approx) with second tank (most models)
  • Internal drawers
  • Extra large pantry


  • Stainless steel fold down table outside and small table inside (2 total)
  • All seating has backing which can be laid down to make a bed (so you don’t have to put table under seats for support when you make it into a bed or lose precious storage space)
  • Luxury club lounge seating
  • 100mm thick innerspring mattress (not 80mm foam)
  • LED Light dimmers in front bed and back bed or seating
  • Main living area has a high roof.  This allows you to stand up inside the camper and hot air to escape, making it much cooler (If the tent roof is low and there isn’t enough clearance it may get hot)
  • Full annex with side walls, floor, draught skirt, touring awning and ensuite standard
  • Main annex can remain connected when closing the camper
  • Main annex does not have to be installed to fit the ensuite for day use
  • Extended annex over kitchen also covers outside cooking area
  • True TARE weight (includes canvases, poles, mattress and seating)
  • 2 spare tyres with alloy rims (load rated)
  • Kitchen has additional bench space, 4 burner gas stove, fully lined cutlery drawer


  • FLUSH MOUNTED DOOR AND DOUBLE LOCKS. Offers superior sealing. Doors that are flush mounted have to only seal the water and dust that go into the door gap as compared to doors that protrude out having to stop all the water and dust that land on the seal, this is nearly impossible.
  • ALL MAIN HINGES GREASE-ABLE, not riveted on.
  • WINDOWS SHADES ON ALL WINDOWS. Can leave more windows open when raining.
  • SUPERIOR NEW PANTRY WITH S/S FOLD DOWN TABLE WITH 3 PANTRY DRAWERS. Also fits 95L Evakool Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer and has front support legs and lock out slide.
  • 2 X 100Ah DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES STORED OUT OF THE MAIN CAMPER in a battery compartment located on the side of the camper. Some companies store the batteries inside the campers near the bed areas where you sleep.
  • GALVANIZED SUSPENSION ARMS. Painted suspension arms may RUST.
  • GALVANIZED TYRE CARRIER AND BIKE RECEIVER. Some campers have painted carriers & receivers and they may RUST.
  • EXTRA 100 LITRE WATER TANK AT BACK. Total water = 200 litres. The extra back water tank has been designed by SUV campers and is patent pending. It also acts as a ball weight adjuster and takes some weight off the tow bar when the back tank is full.
  • HEAVY DUTY 6 MM CROSS BEAM ON THE CHASSIS where the suspension is mounted. Don’t settle for a light chassis that has only 3 mm cross beam!
  • In-house design. Larger nylon 6 bushes, larger centre pin, with compression locking sleeve. Wall thickness on the suspension housings are 15mm thick on side walls. Some companies use 4mm RHS, cut and welded onto the suspension arm and they have a moulded poly bush fitted. The 4mm RHS have been failing on some suspensions.
  • ALUMINIUM POLES LIGHTER and DO NOT RUST. We use Aluminium Poles on our campers, these stop the rust. In Queensland, you get a lot of condensation in the air and the steel poles may rust after a period of time.
  • SIDE WALLS EXTRA HIGH on main body also increases the fridge box height so you can fit a larger fridge. When the side of the body is lifted the camper closes easily, meaning you can close it up with the annex roof left on.
  • INNERSPRING MATTRESS 100mm QUEEN SIZE IN FRONT AREA, NOT 80MM FOAM, because there is plenty of clearance for our higher lid to close.
  • EXTRA HIGH 3MM ALUMINIUM PAINTED ROOF FOR EASY CLOSING. Our roof is made higher, so the mattress fits inside the lid.
  • DIMMER SWITCHES ON ALL READING LIGHTS. Dimmers on all the inside lights. You can dim and turn off the lights if reading in bed and not have to get up to turn the main switch off.
  • ONE WINCH FOR EASE OF OPENING AND CLOSING. One person can set/pack up. Some other campers have two winches, one at the back and one at the front requiring two people to open/close the camper. If the lid isn’t made strong enough to hold the gas struts or if you only use the front winch to open/close the camper, the lid may come crashing down and could cause injury. Our lids are designed and reinforced to accommodate the correct gas pressure in the gas strut, which is engineered to accommodate the weight of the lid, therefore requiring one winch and one person to open/close.
  • 25 AMP SMART CHARGER to charge the 2 x 100 Ah deep cycle batteries. Some companies do not supply smart chargers. Some only supply small ones; this results in batteries going flat. It is best to have at least a 10-amp battery charger per 100Ah battery. Therefore a 25-amp smart charger is recommended and standard with our campers.
  • AUSTRALIAN DESIGN SWING OPEN DOOR AND FOLD OUT HEAVY-DUTY GALVANISED STEPS. Cannot be compared to light duty fold out steps or “Chinese” drop down door that may bring mud into your camper when closing in rainy weather.
  • FULL CANVAS TROPICAL ROOF. No cheap silk imitations!
  • NO NEED TO ADJUST POLES IN MAIN TENT just push out the back bow and its ready to use. Our tent is custom designed and manufactured for easy set up. Other campers may require you to adjust all the bows to open/close and even add support bars to the roof. Poor tent design results in complicated, time consuming set up and packing up.
  • SELF SUPPORTING BED CUSHIONS. Provides added storage as a table isn’t needed to support the cushions resulting in loss of storage space.
  • ENSUITE, CUSTOM MADE. Zips and Velcro’s onto the back of the main tent. High quality with ample standing room.
  • Double seal on main lid for superior sealing.
  • BOATLOADER (Optional Extra)

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